Zhukovsky - airport Ramenskoye

Welcome to non official website Airport Ramport. The 4th airport of Moscow Aviation Hub is in the process of the development by RAMPORT AERO. This international holding specializes on building and maintaining airports in different cities of the world. And its Russian ambitious project is Ramenskoye International Airport, which can boast 5.5 km runway - the longest in Europe.

Ramport International Airport Zhukovsky will have four terminals and it is supposed to manage boards of civil, experimental and state aviation. After successful completion of all stages of the building process the total square of the airport would be 60 000 sq. m. The planned index of the passenger traffic is about 12 mln people per year. The Zhukovsky airport will serve mostly low cost airlines, they hope even to see “Dobrolet-plus” among the companies. But presently there is no any official information about airlines which plan to base in the new complex.

Zhukovskiy International Airport is going to be constructed in three steps. The estimated Zhukovsky airport launch term of the 4th terminal is 1st quarter of 2016. But the airport will be opened right after it get its first terminal with 4 mln people capacity. This stage also includes the reconstruction of the automotive road up to 4 lines and the creation of long-term and short term car parkings.

RAMPORT AERO attracted USD 280 mln of investment and created 10 thousand new jobs. The airport is expected to attract over USD 360 million to the local economy. This money will come not just from the service of flights, but from the huge infrastructure of the airport such as a big shopping and entertainment mall, cargo handling terminal, an aircraft maintenance centre, multi-storey car parks, a hotel and two offices-centers. On top of that, the entire complex will be supplemented with a shopping and entertainment mall

Ramport Ramenskoe